Thursday, August 25, 2005

Senior Pictures

Yesterday I took my daughter to the photographer to have senior pictures made. It was a great mother/daughter day. It started with digging through her closet and picking out the outfits for the pictures—we only disagreed a few times. (Smile) We ended up with everything from shorts and a t-shirt to a formal dress. Then we did her hair and makeup. Of course we ended up rushing in the end. Always works out that way on big days, no matter how earlier I try to get started.

My daughter is shy and never likes being the center of attention, so she was nervous about the session, but soon loosened up and had a great time. The photographer did a wonderful job at making her feel comfortable and of arranging her, the backgrounds and the props.

In fact, he did so well that I’m almost fearful of the trip back today to pick out which shots we want. There were poses done in chairs, by chairs, on the floor, on props, all inside at first. The studio is in a huge white two-story southern home with big wrap around front porch with white columns. So after the inside shots we moved outside for pictures on the porch, on the grass, against a lovely old shed in the back that was covered with ivy, even against a big oak tree and then on a bale of hay.

Just watching as the photos were taken, I could tell how good they were going to look. I also realized that I have a very lovely daughter who as bad as I hate to admit, is a lovely young woman now, not near a child anymore.


Carol B. said...

Just remember, when it comes to choosing and paying - this is one of the last times they'll be still long enough to pose for so many GOOD photos. ;-)

My daughter turned 22 yesterday, and her Sr. pic is STILL the best picture I have of her.

Charlotte Dillon said...

I know these are going to be the very best pictures I might "ever" have of her. Not like we can afford to go pay someone pro to take pictures normally. That's why I'm kind of scared I might break the bank this evening when I go look through them to pick which ones I want to order. (Smile)