Friday, August 26, 2005

I Hate Hurricanes!

Here we go again. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I really have no right at all. But you know how us humans are. (Smile) I’m in Louisiana, minutes away from the Mississippi state line, and not that far up from the Gulf. So every time a hurricane gets out there it seems to at least threaten to come this way and we have to spend days watching the news and waiting and preparing. Most of them lately have been turning and hitting Florida. (Which is why I mention above that I have no right to complain. The poor people in Florida are the ones who own the rights to that.)

And yet, here I am complaining.

The hurricane in the Gulf right now is Katrina. She crossed the lower tip of Florida to get into the Gulf and was then supposed to turn north and head up and hit the top of Florida. It seems she decided one snack of Florida might be enough for now. She’s not taking that north turn the weathermen had promised us. Nope. Not her. She’s still heading mostly west. Now they are saying the longer it takes her to take that north turn, the worse it looks for us here.

That means if she hasn’t turned by in the morning it’ll be time to head out for extra water, bread, lunchmeat, can goods, all of that kind of stuff. The getting prepared, the watching and the waiting, even when we luck up, it is just so hard on the nerves. Didn’t used to be. I remember as a teenager thinking it was all fun. It doesn’t feel fun now. It just feels scary, and it’s expensive and it’s upsetting.

I also have a home surrounded by pine and big oaks now, that could fall and crush said home. I also have way too many dogs now, and if we have to leave, the shelters won’t take them. I have eight of the monstors for goodness sakes—three of them pretty darn big dogs. So no hotel is going to take us either. I couldn’t leave them here for the trees to fall on, so I guess we’ll just have to load up some how, and all run if it comes down to a really bad hurricane heading this way. Not that there’s a good hurricane. With the price of gas right now, driving for about twelve hours and then turning around and driving right back will be even more of a nightmare than it would normally be. And that would be a pretty bad nightmare with eight dogs.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wishing Katrina on anyone else. Especially poor Florida! I just wish she could sit out there in the Gulf and die right there without hitting any of us.

Are you listening, Katrina? Be a good girl and go to sleep out there in the nice warm water.

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Take a care and stay safe!!