Saturday, August 27, 2005

Okay, So Now I Really Hate Hurricanes!

Well, all the best wishes for a death over water didn’t work on hurricane Katrina. She’s coming and it looks like nothing is going to stop her. We’ve taken small hits over the years, been through a couple that were more than bad enough, but they said today that this is the one they have been warning us about. The big one. The last time one this bad hit us dead on was forty years ago. Her name was Betsy and people still remember her wrath. Not to give away my age, but I was only a few months old then.

I’m a couple of hours away from New Orleans, so since we aren’t below sea level like them, I think they will leave it up to us if we leave or not. I’m not sure what is the right thing to do. I don’t want to leave if we can be safe here. With eight dogs it would be a nightmare. But there are worse nightmares than traveling with that many dogs, like the roof coming off or a huge oak tree coming through our home, with us in it. I guess all we can do is keep watching each update as they come and then make up our minds what’s the best thing to do. We are already under a hurricane watch, Louisiana’s governor has declared a state of emergency, but our weather isn’t supposed to start getting bad until tomorrow.

If we go, it will be only until the hurricane is gone, but oh what she’ll leave behind for us. Days, probably weeks even, without power in this heat….our heat index is about 105 today. That kind of heat without even a fan is an awful thing to deal with. Then there is no lights, no TV, no microwave, no refrigerator, not even a washer or dryer…not to mention a computer. I have a laptop but without power, I could use it for maybe a couple of hours and then that would be that.

We are prepared. We did all of the running this morning. The stores were packed and crazy. We bought bread, water, lunchmeat, canned goods, chips, charcoal, and all of that needed stuff. Already have our lanterns and batteries and all put up in a big hurricane kit. We had to go back to the store a little bit ago for another ice chest and some more ice. Things had gotten even worse. It took stops at a number of places to find ice, and since I was worried about not having enough bread, more bread. The lines at every store and every gas station were huge. At least my running around is done.

Feel free to send prayers, light, good thoughts or what ever you’ve got, our way. (Smile)

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Gina said...

Stay safe, Charlotte!