Sunday, August 28, 2005

I’m Not Gone Yet

Surprise, it’s a few hours later and we haven’t left yet. I’m waiting and watching and praying that the eye will move over just enough so we can stay. We are still getting things ready. Managed to find some plywood at the last moment so hubby and son are outside putting up the plywood on the windows.

I figure we have another two hours and then if we are going, we're gonna have to go. End of discussion time. There will be a point where it’s too late to run. It seems here in Bogalusa half the people I talk to are going and half are staying.

So which half is making the right choice?


Annie Rayburn said...

I think the half that's leaving is making the right choice. You can't replace people. If your stuff is there when you return - so be it. At least you're safer elsewhere.

Good luck, Charlotte, and God bless.

JC said...

I hope you are fine. If you get online at some point, please let us knwo what you are hearing from Bogalusa? My son is there and I am worried about how he is doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Karin Tabke said...

Phone home, Charlotte, let us know you, the family and critters are ok.

Patricia said...

Ms.Charlotte. I found your blog.

I've been worried about you. KNow you live near New Orleans and I've been watching as the horrific events down there unfold. I hope you're out of harm's way.

Pat Guthrie (Patguth)

Bernita said...

Her name is listed as one of those who has checked in and is alright, thank God.
Hope she got the dogs out too.
I have been worried as well, as I found her blog just before the storm hit too.

JC said...

Anyone heard about Anne Rice? She is another of my favorites.

Carol B. said...

Charlotte and family (and dogs) got out before the storm, is the word I've heard. As of yesterday, she left a writer friend a voice mail message and said they were headed to Arkansas (hopefully to stay with friends or relatives). At last report Bogalusa didn't have power and wasn't expected to for weeks, but yet another report said Entergy was working in that area to restore power, so only time will tell. Online reports from Bogalusa say that other residents are supportive of each other (as small communities are) and are hanging in there.

Charlotte, whereever you are, I'm praying for you and your family. I hope you've found safe refuge.

Carol B. said...

More news on Charlotte for those who drop by:

I've heard more from Charlotte. She and her family - husband,
son and daughter-in-law along with 11 dogs, 2 rats and several birds
it up to her sister's house in NE Arkansas yesterday. They left after
the storm on Thursday afternoon.

Her house is still standing, but it was flooded during the storm. All
the large oak trees around her house came down, but missed the house
her husband's truck. A pecan tree did hit the house, but didn't come
through the roof. Power, water, gas and phones are out in her whole
area. People have been looting in her town. :-(

She and her family hope to be able to return to their home in a few
weeks. I have her sister's address and phone # and will keep in touch
with her. She says to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Elysa Hendricks

Gabrielle said...

Charlotte, I hope you're doing okay and can go home soon. Take care!

Charlotte Dillon said...

Thanks so much for caring everyone! It was nice to know so many people were thinking of me when I needed those thoughts so badly.

JC, I'm sorry I wasn't able to answer about your son. I'm sure you've heard from him by now. If not let me know and I'll try to find him for you.

My family went nuts looking for us. For days they didn't know if we were alive or dead. They called everyone they could, but even the Red Cross couldn't give them any info. When we left three days after the hurricane, we had driven for more than two hours before we stopped seeing down trees and my cell phone finally began to work just enough for me to let family and one friend know that we were alive and heading away from Louisiana.