Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Computer Works Again – Or – There’s Nothing Like An Old Love

I got my computer back last night. AND IT WORKS! It was the motherboard, so all’s well that ends well. (Smile) Okay, there’re still some problems. Like with my e-mail. I use MS Outlook Express. All of the shutting down the motherboard was causing fried Outlook Express. I can get and see my mail, but I can’t reply or even open my address book. (That means if I had your address before, I don’t now.)

So I’m using another e-mail program. I’ve tried others before, including Hotmail and Gmail, but Outlook Express was the first one I ever used, and nothing else seems to match it for me. Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to it. You used to could download Outlook Express and Internet Explorer at tons of sites….all free. They are after all free programs. But darn if I can find OE now. When I try to open my address book in OE it says to reinstall OE. That’s fine, if it would just tell me how and where to do it. (Smile)

Oh, well. I guess no relationship is perfect. (Smile)


Anonymous said...

You may have already taken care of your problem with Outlook Express but if not I'm hoping I can give you some insight. Outlook Express is a software program that comes as part of your Microsoft Office software in most cases. You should be able to fix the problem with your Outlook Express by reinstalling your Microsoft Office Software. There should be an installation disk that came with your computer when you purchased it. You want to be sure to reinstall the MS Office software (Word 2000, Outlook 2000, etc) NOT the Operating System (Windows 98, XP, etc). Without having more details it's impossible to tell for sure but it could also be that you just need to re setup your Outlook easier fix than reinstalling the entire Office software. If you do decide to reinstall the Office software, be sure to backup all your writing and other saved files (websites, etc.) onto disks first. If I can be of more help, feel free to contact me. Computers are what I do! Email me at
Good luck!
Meg Stewart, Consultant
Solutions by Stewart

Charlotte Dillon said...

Thanks so much, Meg. I'm happy to report that all is well. My husband got the address book fixed, and that fixed the problem. I was one happy woman. :-)

Outlook Express is free and actually came with my MS WinXP. Outlook isn't free and does come with MS Office. Call me strange, but I like the free Outlook Express much more so than the not free Outlook. Yes, Outlook does more, but I'm used to OE. :-) I'm not good at computers are tech what I like, what works, and what does it simplest way is the way for me. :-)

Best wishes, Charlotte