Thursday, December 08, 2005

Guess I’m Normal After All

The day after I wrote my last post to my blog, the one about me being so upset and depressed, I found out I’m just normal. (Smile)

They had this whole thing on our local news the next day about how now, three months after the hurricane, it’s suddenly hitting people again. Sometimes with an even harder blow. They said it was a mixture of the holiday season, the extra stress, survival’s guilt, burn out, shock wearing off, flash backs, and people accepting that this was all real and not going away. Seems a whole lot of people are suddenly having trouble with depression and outburst of anger, even fear. They set up a 1-800 number so people could call to talk to someone about it all.

I guess between my blog and my many wonderful friends, I’ve gotta a head start on working through things. (Smile) It’s still nice to know if I’m going nuts, at least the boat’s gonna be full. (Smile)

By the way, I did finally send out X-mas cards, so I must be getting some better.

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Desperate Writer said...

I get this. When 9/11 happened (though it wasn't as immediate to me as the hurricane was to you, but strill it was an awfull attack on our country) I was still kind of numb from my Dad's death. A couple of years later, I watched a special on it on the History channel, and it really hit me. Like Novacane wearing off.