Friday, December 09, 2005

It’s a Love Hate Thing

My mom used to have a saying about men, “You can’t live with ‘em and you can’t kill ‘em.” Of course she said this only in jest when she was teasing my father—though maybe there were some days in their many years of marriage when there wasn’t as much jest in her words as there were on other days. (Smile) Her jest was a rewriting in a way of a much older saying about men, “You can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em.” I think the original saying fits my topic best.

It’s computers.

My computer.

It’s in the computer hospital today, so keep your fingers crossed that it lives. It’s been sick ever since I was able to come back home after the hurricane. I think with the house flooding, no AC, the heat and the humidity in here took a toll on it. Some RWC members seem to think so too, and so does the computer man. The hope is a new motherboard will take care of things.

I love my computer. I’ve loved everyone I’ve had. I sure use them enough, but sometimes I just really, really, really hate them too. (Smile) I guess it’s that thin line between love and hate. When my computer is working well, or even pretty well, I’m a happy girl. But when something goes wrong, it’s a nightmare. I handle so much stuff on my computer that it’s like losing a lifeline when something goes wrong. I’ve learned one lesson at a time about backing up, saving in other ways, but it still leaves things spread out, messes up my mail since I still mostly use Outlook Express, and generally disorganizes my whole routine of daily life.

This time I knew my computer was getting worse, so I made darn sure I saved stuff in other places and sent lots of important stuff to my husband’s computer, including lots of recent e-mail I needed to handle or have on hand. So wouldn’t you just know that now his computer is sick too. It got some kind of bug and opens pages on its own and blocks other stuff. It’s so bad that it’s pretty much impossible to use his computer on line at all. He is trying his best to clean it out, so maybe…

It’s just such bad timing. That leaves me using my very slow little ‘ol laptop. I’m just so lucky and thankful to have it. Best four-hundred I ever spent! Still, I’ve never used it for anything but writing, so I hadn’t worried about the internet stuff very much. It took some extra work, but I set my mail up on it, put some virus protection on it, hooked it up and updated every thing, and here I am—in love again. (Smile)


Anonymous said...

I too went through Katrina in Bogalusa and I have some photos that I took the day of the storm and it was horrible. I lived on west 10th. st.just a stones throw from Country Superstore. I still can't believe that we were subjected to the horror that we were. I left after 6 days and it was a miracle that I got out when I did. I have photos of the lines of people at Winn Dixie to get ice. The only day that we got ice. I ran out of money and could only buy a few days worth of groceries mainly drinks form Salles.
I live in Texas now but am thinking about returning to Bogalusa. Texas just ain't Louisiana and sonme of the people here resent the fact that you came here after the storm.
I guarantee that those people would be happy to go to Louisiana if they had to!
Please tell me, is it really bad there or is it getting back to normal? I have to know.

Charlotte Dillon said...

Hi Rick,

The water's fine. Come on back. :-)

Really, stores are open, the mail comes, the paper comes, the roads are mostly clear, some places close a little sooner than they used to, but most are open. There's no reason not to come back home. :-)