Friday, April 18, 2008

A Great Notebook For Writers - A Real Keep All

When starting a new novel, or even after digging up one of your old ones that needs a little love and care, you need a way to keep up with lots of info. The believability of your story depends on it. Even after you finish the story and send it out, there's tons of stuff to keep track of, like when you mailed that manuscript, who you mailed it to, when it was rejected and by who, and when you sent it back out and to who, ect...

I've found a work in progress notebook that you can buy in print or in e-book, that helps keep it all together, and more. (Nope, I don't get a kick back and didn't even know the author of the book until someone explained what the Novel Notebook was. I just found it so helpful that I wanted to share.)

I've pasted the quote below that I gave Jeannie after using her notebook.

I have the e-doc version of Jeannie Ruesch's Novel Notebook. I'm not the kind of person who gives good quotes unless I mean them, so this is my honest opinion. I love the Novel Notebook because it's a complete keep-everything-in-one-place solution for your novel in progress, and even your completed and submitted novel.

Since Jeannie is a fiction writer herself, she thought of everything a writer would need to keep up with, and placed a section for each in this book. There's places to list everything from your working title and date started to the date completed who you submitted the manuscript to and when.

You'll also find plenty of space to fill in things like characters profiles, info on each chapter, sub plots, conflict, setting descriptions, a timeline chart, and more. Like I said, everything a working writer needs to keep up with about her newest baby, all in one place.

The e-doc version is in Word, so it's simple to make a boxed section bigger when you want to add extra info, or to delete and retype things when you make changes in your story. It's also easy to print up, save to CD or a zip drive, or even send to yourself as an attachment that you can save in an e-mail account that's not on your computer, so you won't lose all of that needed information.

Best Wishes and Happy Writing
Charlotte Dillon


Ivette said...

This is a great notebook for writers to keep everything you have on your work in progress. I love it and I'm going to see if I get get it sometime soon. I want to become a romance writer after I finish college with a BA in English and History and this notebook will come in handy. Thanks for posting about the notebook!

Anonymous said...

WOW I'm going to check that out... that's is something I can use being a novice writer.

Thanks for the 411~

Ivette said...

Well I went to Jeannie Ruesch's website and I found out that she was having a contest where you could win either the e-doc version or the spiral W.I.P Notebook. I tried to enter by signing up for her newsletter but I kept getting an error message. I sent her a complaint e-mail and she e-mailed me back to say that she fixed the problem and that for my trouble she would send me a free W.I.P Notebook. I chose to get the spiral notebook and she sent it to me with an inscription that I will always remember. Thank you Ms. Dillion for posting about the book because it will probably save me many headaches in the future when I'm trying to get my manuscript done.

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