Friday, March 07, 2008

Last Update of My Sister's Grandbaby

I want to thank everyone who sent prayers, light and good wishes for my sister's grandbaby. Each time I asked, there was an outpouring of the above. I'm very grateful for each and every message and post that was sent. This time I'm asking for those same things for my sister and her daughter. The baby lost his fight last weekend. They said he wouldn't make it to two years, but he made it two months longer than that. It was a hard two years though. He went through so much, hurt so much, that as sad as I am that he is gone, I'm glad that he isn't hurting or having to fight anymore. He was a strong little boy who smiled through things that would have made a grown man cry.


monster paperbag said...

my prayers :)..

Charlotte Dillon said...

Thanks for the paryers and hugs everyone. Some of the e-mails I got were so touching, many filled with losses of your own. I'm sorry to know that the path my sister is walking with her daughter, is one so many have already walked.

Hugs to you all!