Thursday, January 11, 2007

VOTE for RWC & My Site for Writers

Hi everyone,

Both my site for writers and my on-line group for writers are up in a poll for favorites. If you like either one, please take a moment to pop over and vote for one or both.

My site is listed under the section titled Writers' Resource/Information/News Source. You can get to it here
My sites listing is Resources for Romance Writers (Charlotte Dillon's)

My on-line group for romance writers is listed under the section titled Writers' Discussion Forum. You can get to that page here My group listed is RWC (Romance Writer's Community)

Don't worry about giving your e-mail address to vote. They just do that to make sure that each person only gets one vote per section. They run this poll every year and no one has ever had any trouble with it or them. It's an on the up and up thing. Smile.

Thanks so much for your vote! Or just for popping by if you didn't vote.

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