Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thanks & No Mail For Me

First, I want to thank everyone for all the good luck wishes I got, and all of those crossed body parts. It was so nice to open my e-mail program yesterday and see all of those wonderful messages. That goes for those you posted here or sent through the contact form on my site as well.

Which brings me to today's problem. (Smile) My e-mail has been down since last night. I can actually get on line, and get to my on line e-mail program, but that's not the normal e-mail address I use. It's a big outage here, so my normal e-mail address might not work for a couple of days or so. That means if you sent me anything after yesterday evening, I haven't gotten it. That goes for my normal BellSouth address, the contact form on my website, and even all of the group owner addresses for RWC. I'm hoping I'll get all of those messages when things get back up and working. Hope! Hope! For now though, if you need or want to reach me, please use this address
charlotte@charlottedillon.com You can find it on my site, www.charlottedillon.com, on the contact page, but don't use the form. Look below that contact form and you will see a link you can use by clicking on it. That's for the other address, the charlotte@charlottedillon.com

Thanks again for all of the congrats and the so sweet wishes! It's amazing to me how many of you seem to be cheering for me and wishing me only good things.


Meljprincess said...

Well I haven't congratulated you yet. *g* I do wish you luck with the non-fiction book because I'm an aspiring writer and I'm interested in it. So, CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK! Love the picture of Kane. Enjoyed the good news newsletter. :-)

Charlotte Dillon said...

And wouldn't you just know that within moments of me sending that message about my mail being down, it came back up. My lights went out this morning too, and by the time I got the kit thing out and had a lamp going, the lights came right back on. Such is life. (Smile)