Monday, August 21, 2006

Waiting and Waiting...

It has been almost eight weeks since I mailed off my completed non-fiction manuscript, along with what I hope was a detailed and well-done proposal. The agent's site says to allow six to eight weeks, along with mailing time, to get a response.

I hope that means I will be hearing something one way or another soon. I've never been really good at waiting. (Smile)

Good news or bad news, I'll be posting the news here the day I get it.


MissWrite said...

Ah, I thought you knew that in agent time 8 to 10 weeks means a year. LOL I always allow at least 3 times as much as what they list for a 'reasonable' response.

Charlotte Dillon said...

I actually waited over a year once to hear from a publisher--on two different MSS. (Smile)

By the time I finally pushed, both editors who had asked for the completes and one for a rewrite, were gone and the new editor didn't like the two stories as much as the other two editors had. Such is life.