Friday, June 02, 2006

Win Four Free Books

Hi everyone,

One of the e-mail groups I own and run is RRC. All the other groups are for writers, but this one is for romance readers....though writers are also welcome.

RRC is holding its first RRC Summer Read contest. I've lined up four wonderful authors who are willing to put up prizes--each author is offering one of her books. In fact, I had more than four authors offer books, so I did a kind of random pick to line up the first four for this first contest. There will be another contest later, maybe even more than one. :-)

The first four books are....

Dance of Desire
by Catherine Kean

The Prey
by Allison Brennan

Rawhide Surrender
by Elysa Hendricks

Virtually Yours
by Crystal Inman

It's really easy to enter the RRC Summer Read contest. All you have to do is belong to RRC. To join, send a blank message to or visit the group page here

The winner of the above listed books will be drawn randomly on July first. I will announce the winner on the RRC group. She will then contact me off list and give me her snail mail address. I will pass that address on to each author listed above, and each will send the prize they offered to the winner.

Best of luck!
Charlotte Dillon ~

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