Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two Graduated at the Same Time

I just have to share like any proud mom. (Smile) I had not one, but two children graduate this month. My son graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. He just landed a job working at the zoo in New Orleans. He'll be working with primates, which was his hope. My daughter graduated from our local high school, fourteenth in her class no less. She will be attending the same college my son did his four years at.

One part of my life is over now. (My daughter was the baby.)

That's okay. The next part might be even more fun. My son will be married a year next week, so maybe in a couple of years it'll be time for grandbabies. (Smile)


Carol B. said...

One more year before my baby graduates from college. Both my "babies" have been out of the house for more than a year now. But we just got back from visiting them in Denver a couple days ago.

Lynn Daniels said...

Congrats! Sounds like your kids are already making their marks on the world. I'd say that's a definite tribute to the way their mother raised them. Go ahead and preen, you have plenty reason to be proud.

I had two graduations, too, but not quite as big as yours. My oldest graduated 5th grade (moving from elementary to middle school) and my youngest graduated kindergarten.

Like I said. Not as big as yours. *g*

Charlotte Dillon said...

Hi Carol,

I bet in a way, it's nice to have the house to yourself. In another way, I know it can be sad too. I still have one here and the other next door. :-)

Charlotte Dillon said...

Oh, Lynn. Your kids are so young. But be warned, the few years left until you are where I am, will fly by faster than the speed of light. :-)