Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Own Room!

It's taken five very long months, but last night I got to sleep in my own bedroom for the first time since hurricane Katrina!

Getting the use of that room back has made such a big difference in the rest of my home. We have so much more room now and things look so much more like they used to. Even better in some my bedroom is all fresh and new now. I even completely changed the color. I had a Coral Rose paint on the walls…but everyone who saw it said it was pink. (Smile) Now the room is a color called Sugar Blossom. In other words, it’s white. (Smile)


Lynn Daniels said...

WOO HOO on finally getting your own room back! I'll bet it feels wonderful!

Charlotte Dillon said...

It feels even better than a WOO HOO! hehehehe