Monday, January 16, 2006

E-Mail H E Double L

I hooked up my first computer ten years ago this year. A few months later I got Juno free e-mail. It was a long distance call for me, so I received and sent mail only once a day. (Talk about seeming like a lifetime ago.) hehehe

If you take the e-mail trouble of each of the nine of those years and add them all together, you wouldn't come up with half the e-mail trouble I've had in the last year alone. In that last year I've lost e-mail from two computer crashes, from an e-mail program failure twice, a virus, from a bad motherboard, and ect....

It’s like some how I offended some god of e-mail and I’ve paid for it over and over. Everything seems fine now—knock on wood! The last few weeks my computer has worked fine, my e-mail program fine, and all seems right with my little e-mail world. (Smile) Knock on wood again!


There’s just one little, tiny, bitty problem. My e-mail.

Talk about a mess! I really don’t even know how or where to start. During all of the trouble, I’ve used different addresses, different e-mail programs, and even different computers. Now that every thing is fixed and I’m trying to catch up, it seems an impossible task. I have messages that I need to reply to scattered between no less than three computers, six e-mail programs, and I’ve lost count of the number of folders. Even worse, some of them are duplicate messages from where I was sending things around trying to save things, especially messages I needed to reply to.

On top of that, I’m a diabetic and my blood sugar counts have been crazy lately. So I’ve been trying my best to spend less time at the computer sitting, and much more time up moving around.

It’s gotten to the point where when I do open some of those e-mail folders, I don’t even know where to begin to try to catch up. Just keeping up with the day-to-day messages from the groups I manage can be an overwhelming job at times.

I am trying though. I know I did lose a lot of messages, so a number of people already think I was too stuck up to reply to them, so I don’t want to miss any that I can answer. I guess all I can do is take my time, answer those that aren’t lost, and hope everyone understands.

So, if you are waiting for a reply from me and it doesn’t come, feel free to resend. If the e-mail god is all through taking revenge on me now for whatever I did wrong, maybe the next nine years of e-mail will work out as well as the first nine. (Smile) I don’t think I could take another one like the last!

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Lynn Daniels said...

{{{HUGS}}} on all your e-mail woes! I can see where trying to catch up would be more than overwhelming, and I don't envy that job.

Fingers crossed that the e-mail gods continue to smile upon you.