Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Happened to My Babies

I had two of them....two sweet little babies. They were here just a few days ago, I swear it. And now...blink...and my baby girl is turning 17 today. In a few months she will be starting her last year of high school.

My oldest is 21. He will be starting his fourth year of college soon, and is getting married next month.

Funny how very quickly it all happened. I got married at 17, had my son a little over a year later. But I look at my little girl and she's still a little girl in my eyes. My son is a 21 year old man, but he's still a little boy to me.

Guess it's just a mom thing. :-)


chryscat said...

I assure mine, all the time, and to their utter embarrassment, that they will always be my babies. They are outgrowing me physically. The oldest will be twelve this year, and she's almost as tall as I am. This is a constant source of amusement to her.
The baby will be ten.
I look back and realize that half their lives with me (in the same house) are gone. And it makes me a little melancholy. Some days more than others.
Yes, it's a mom thing. And something my three girls will understand when their time comes.
And then they'll have the opportunity to embarrass their own children.

Charlotte Dillon said...

It's easy to outgrow me physically. I lack half an inch being five feet tall. (Smile) But my daughter hasn't caught me yet. I still have about an inch on her. Poor thing, I think she is going to be as short as I am, maybe a hair shorter, bless her heart. (Smile)

But you are right. No matter how big or how old, you will always be your mom's baby.

My mother was 65 when she died, and I can remember her mother sitting beside her as the time grew short, stroking her hair, holding her hand. And no matter what the age was, I saw a mother comforting her baby.